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Join Christine Dainard, and be inspired to take steps to becoming your most authentic self. Christine believes we have been taught that vulnerability is a weakness, when in fact it is our super power. In this space Christine will share personal stories, and conversations with others, so YOU can be empowered by their strength and inspired to take authentic action in your own life.

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A little about me

Hello! It's me, Christine D and I'm here with you to share stories of my lived experiences, and the stories of others, who are leaning into their authentic selves to create the life they want. 

It is my experience that self doubt, fear and limitations in our minds hold us back from doing the great things we were meant for. In this space, I share the proof that we don't have to live the life we have been taught to live, but we can in fact flip the script on our own lives and do things differently. Here you will hear from me and others, who have leaned into doing what they want, despite the fear that tries to hold them back. 

There is no limit to what you can create, and we are here to show you that you can not only dream it, but you can create it too. 


Wednesday Aug 09, 2023

Sebastian Wasilik shares about his experience through his struggle with mental health, and how it inspired him to create a business that gives back to the community, contributing to mental health services for youth. 
Have a listen to learn more how Sebastian's company, Exodus Watch Co. has partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association to provide funding towards their Grove Hubs mental health and resources support for youth in Guelph-Wellington. 
To learn more about contributions made, and to see how you can support this socially responsible local business visit or follow them on Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook at

Wednesday Aug 02, 2023

Disclaimer: This episode is for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered as advice. This is a platform provided for people to share their stories, and this is Peter's story. 
When Peter was 27 he was diagnosed with type 2 bi-polar disorder, and a lot of his past behaviours started to add up. He took his doctors advice and began traditional treatment methods. For a time they provided a new perspective which was helpful. Almost a decade later, the treatment was not serving him. He was depressed, an alcoholic and felt hopelessly a victim to his diagnosis.
Peter started to hear positive things about "Magic Mushrooms" to treat his treatment-resistant depression. He went off his meds and decided that when he got depressed (when, not if), he would try Mushrooms. Since then he has developed a protocol for himself that he follows, and the results, Peter shares, have changed his life for the better.
Peter has not only lost a significant amount of weight, quit smoking, and quit drinking, but also improved his marriage, chose the right relationships to keep in his life, and let go of the ones that weren't serving him, and ultimately found his purpose. 
You can find Peter through his website and on Instagram at @fthegup

Thursday Jul 27, 2023

Vicky Mackinnon shares her story about her discovery and recovery as a brain tumour survivor, and her more recent MS diagnosis. She has stepped into the boldly unknown on more than one occasion while facing some pretty serious health scares.
What stands out about Vicky is her unrelentless humour and positive attitude in the face of some incredibly difficult hurdles. She reminds us to look for the good, and to do our best to live for today with a positive outlook. That feeling sorry for ourselves will only make things worse, but living for each day seeking the good allows for a much better outlook and increases our quality of life. 
Vicky is a private person, and didn't provide anywhere to follow her journey, but I do think her story will reach you in a way only Vicky can. 

Wednesday Jul 19, 2023

Rebecca Saunders is a Business & Life Advisor for ambitious women wanting to do life and business unapologetically on their terms.
She's a champagne drinking, post-it note loving, hair-free alopecian who helps female business owners turn their uniqueness into a super power, celebrate their successes and create dream lives and businesses by design.
We had a great conversation about what it meant for Rebecca to fully step into the queen she is - hair free. Her story is inspiring and I know you'll love her as much as I do! Enjoy the episode. 
You can find Rebecca:
on Instagram at @therebeccasaunders
Facebook @therebeccasaunders
Or visit her website

Wednesday Jul 12, 2023

Kara shares her story of leaving a successful but unfulfilling career in the corporate world to become a play coach. In her career transition, she faced  tons of disapproval, but one day at a time she did it in a way that was most authentic to her.
Kara shares why play is so important and how we can use play to tap into our authentic selves, while letting go of perfectionism and people pleasing along the way.
You can find out more about Kara on Instagram at @theplayfulwarrior or by visiting her website

Wednesday Jul 05, 2023

You're going to love this episode with Fran Garton. I love our no BS conversation about her experience with fibromyalgia and living with chronic pain, to learning to not only manage her pain, but learn to live pain free, AND teach others how to do it too!
Fran is a #1 bestselling author, speaker, Body-Positive Personal Trainer, Pain Reduction Coach and Fibromyalgia Warrior, teaches people to live pain-free. She teaches them to identify their triggers, reduce stress + set boundaries with easy-to-implement mindset, movement + nutrition strategies.
Her passion is advocating for inclusive movement practices and body acceptance. Fran’s been featured on Breakfast Television’s “Movin’ In The Morning”, CH Morning Live, Reader’s Digest UK and Thrive Global and is a contributing author to Body Bliss: The Journey to Body Acceptance. 
All the places you can find Fran Garton:

Thursday Jun 29, 2023

How many times have you made decisions based on what you believe about yourself? In this episode I share a story about a realization I had about a belief I had about myself for most of my life and it stopped me from doing something since I was 14.  And the kicker? It was something someone told me once - and I let it stick to me like glue.
What beliefs are you holding onto about yourself?
In this episode I also chat about the Joy Project Community that opened this week! You still have 2 more days to get into the launch of this incredible community while the doors are open, where like minded women who want more out of life = more joy, more self love, AND other women to take the journey of self discovery with. Check it out by visiting
I hope I will see you in there! Be sure to follow along on Instagram or Facebook at @itsmechristined, and follow this podcast so you'll get notified when the next episode drops. 
See you next time!

Wednesday Jun 21, 2023

This chat with Jessica Mcbride was full of turns, as she walks us through her work experience and personal hurdles as a woman with ADHD. Jessica is leaning into her uniqueness and using her ADHD superpowers to rocket launch her career and create a life she loves.
Jessica is a powerhouse, and I really admire her owning who she is and no longer accepting what she was being offered, and is instead creating her own rules!
You can find Jessica on Instagram and Facebook at @thetechsavvyassistant or by visiting her
Interested in learning more about the JOY PROJECT? It is a community that supports heart-led women who want to bring more joy into their lives and it opens up to a limited number of people on Monday, June 26. Visit to learn more and subscribe to get first dibs with advanced notice of the doors opening!

Wednesday Jun 14, 2023

Lynn Charlton  is an inspiring local leader in business who focuses on empathy, authenticity and integrity in the work she does within our community. 
Join us as we dive into insights from Lynn who is working to break down barriers in business as an independent HR consultant. In this chat we talk about how we can work together to support women making significant contributions in professional environments and how important it is for us to lift each other up. Follow along with Lynn’s journey through Instagram at @iamlynncharlton or visit 

Wednesday Jun 07, 2023

This is a conversation that many will resonate with as Kaci talks about how her mental health challenges didn't catch up with her until the pandemic was over. Have a listen to hear a likely familiar story, and some of the things she did to finally start feeling more like herself again. 
I'd also like to take a minute and remind you that your mental wellness is important, and even if your experience has different symptoms, please know that it can affect everyone differently. Getting help through therapy, a support group, or by saying it out loud to the people in your circle can be a great way to help reduce the burden you may be feeling. Please seek mental health supports or if in Ontario call 211 or toll free 1-877-330-3213.

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