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Join Christine Dainard, and be inspired to take steps to becoming your most authentic self. Christine believes we have been taught that vulnerability is a weakness, when in fact it is our super power. In this space Christine will share personal stories, and conversations with others, so YOU can be empowered by their strength and inspired to take authentic action in your own life.

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A little about me

Hello! It's me, Christine D and I'm here with you to share stories of my lived experiences, and the stories of others, who are leaning into their authentic selves to create the life they want. 

It is my experience that self doubt, fear and limitations in our minds hold us back from doing the great things we were meant for. In this space, I share the proof that we don't have to live the life we have been taught to live, but we can in fact flip the script on our own lives and do things differently. Here you will hear from me and others, who have leaned into doing what they want, despite the fear that tries to hold them back. 

There is no limit to what you can create, and we are here to show you that you can not only dream it, but you can create it too. 


4 days ago

What I love about Shay's story is her willingness to try several things before landing on her, now small business, Goods by Shay. Her perseverance after leaving her corporate job without knowing what was next is commendable - often we feel like we have to have it all figured out and can't make a move until we have all the pieces in order, but Shay is challenging that narrative. You can lean into your creativity and trust what your heart is drawn to, and although it may take some trials and tribulations, eventually you will find your way. About the guest:Shay is a free spirited creative who specializes in making elevated and whimsical interior finishes and lifestyle products in Toronto, Ontario.She spent over a decade working for others, until 2018 when she decided to take the leap of faith and finally work for herself. Although entrepreneurship hasn't been the easiest journey to embark on, Shay admits that it's been the most rewarding experience. Find @thegoodsbyshay on Instagram and Facebook, or visit her online shop at www.thegoodsbyshay.comThank you for listening to another episode of the 'Say it out Loud Podcast' with me, Christine D!Let's connect:Find me on Instagram or Facebook at @itsmechristined, or visit the website to connect about the Joy Project Community, group or one-on-one coaching, speaking engagements, or to apply as a guest on the show.

Wednesday Nov 29, 2023

In this episode, Destiny and I chat about her transition from her 20 year corporate career, into following her heart to become a chef - a dream she never fully leaned into as an option until she found herself reevaluating her career during the pandemic. As a foodie, and as someone curious about her culture as an indigenous woman, Destiny is not only operating her business serving healthy, fresh meals to doorsteps in the Waterloo Region, but also diving into research about native foods to her culture and recreating meals with her history in mind.
Have a listen as we chat about life, change, adaptability and the power of the human spirit. It was an honour to sit and chat - I learned so much from her about foods native to our country, and they likely aren't what you think.
About the guest:
Chef Destiny is the owner of FoodZen, a personal chef & pre-made meal business in Waterloo Region. Her goal is to bring zen to busy family schedules, assist professionals in a better work/life balance & help seniors maintain their independence.
Destiny’s focus is to create meals that are hyper-local & ultra-seasonal. Her farm-to-table approach supports many local businesses & favours whole foods over processed ones. In October 2022, Destiny partnered with Bingemans to open Cedar Spoon Indigenous Catering. With Cedar Spoon, her goal is to showcase the Indigenous foods of Canada while continuing her own healing & reconciliation journey.
Find Destiny at (FB & IG) (IG) or by visiting the website at

Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

Sonia was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario. She graduated as a dentist 30 years ago and specialized in orthodontics before opening her own solo practice. She pioneered digital treatment and has lectured around the world on her experience and insights.
In 2020, she was called to write. 'Leave the Little Light On' is a series of four books that are an ode to the human condition and what it means to love and be loved. She designed and painted the covers of the books. She lives in London, Ontario with her daughter Djuka and dog Djanie. She continues to fix teeth and advocate for love.
You can find Sonia on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok at @soniapalleck, 

Wednesday Nov 15, 2023

In this episode, Andrea and I chat about the journey of stepping into the ring and taking steps forward in the journey of personal development. We often think we're doing it wrong if it's too hard, or if the same challenge keeps coming up. Have a listen as we drop some personal stories and truths about what creeps up and how the journey home to ourselves challenges much of what our culture has taught us.
About Andrea:
Andrea wears multiple hats in the realm of promoting a healthy lifestyle. She serves as a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, an accomplished Speaker, and an Author renowned for her best-selling book, "You Actually Can Do This: Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle in Spite of Yourself." She is also the visionary Lead Author and architect behind the inspiring anthology project titled "Body Bliss: A Journey to Body Acceptance." To top it off, Andrea is the host of "The Balance + Bliss Podcast."
With a wealth of experience spanning over a decade, Andrea has dedicated her career to coaching and uplifting individuals on their journeys to wellness and happiness. Her expertise lies in assisting people in recognizing and reframing the narratives they tell themselves regarding their capabilities. She firmly believes that the foundation for any desired change rests in the realm of the mind. Her true calling lies in gently guiding individuals through profound transformations, one step at a time.
IG: @the.balance.bliss
Podcast: Balance + Bliss Podcast
Find tickets for the BLOOM event by visiting
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Wednesday Nov 08, 2023

It feels lately like there's nothing but disaster happening around the globe. Many of us are feeling the effects, not knowing how we can help, or what to do, while having so many feelings about what is happening all around us. 
It's tough, especially in a culture that has us feeling like our pain isn't worthy if someone else is having it harder than us. Same kind of thing with joy - we feel bad looking for the good when everything else seems to be burning down.
But as energetic beings - as humans - the more of the bad or wrong we absorb, are tapped into, and seek out, the greater likelihood that our mental health will follow. As part of the collective human energy, we need to raise up the good vibes right now, and it starts with seeking out the good in each day. 
Have a listen to get a better grasp on what I'm suggesting, and hit the follow button for more weekly good vibes on this show. 
Follow along on socials by visiting my Instagram or Facebook page, or to learn more about the Joy Project Community among other things, visit me at 
Thanks for listening!
xo Christine

Wednesday Oct 25, 2023

This was a fantastic conversation with my friend and co-host of the BLOOM event, Kim Basler. 
Meet Kim Basler, a true luminary with over three decades of experience in the fitness industry. With boundless passion and expertise, she guides women on a transformative journey to redefine their connection with food, body, and mindset. As the driving force behind the Empowered Movement Community and the visionary creator of the life-changing Food Freedom Foundations program, Kim empowers women to embrace self-love and step into their full power! 
Renowned as a sought-after speaker, author, and celebrated New Presenter of the Year by canfitpro, Kim is on a mission to liberate women from the confines of diet culture and empower them to shine unapologetically. Join Kim on a journey of self-discovery, where she helps individuals unlock their inner potential and confidently illuminate the world with their unique light. 
You can find Kim on Instagram :
Free gift: Self Love / Self Esteem Self Guided Hypnosis Recording

Wednesday Oct 18, 2023

October is a significant month for me, and I recently took a few minutes to dive into just HOW significant. A year that I could have easily just decided to keep doing the same thing, but I allowed my gut to speak to me in very profound ways that has resulted in me leading a very different life than I was a year ago - so naturally I wanted to share it with you!
You can follow along with more of my journey on Instagram or Facebook, and you can join the Joy Project Community, and inquire about mentorship through my website at Thanks for listening! 

Wednesday Oct 11, 2023

Today I share a pretty major milestone with you about this podcast - it's pretty exciting and I can't wait to celebrate with you inside this episode. I also share a little about how this podcast got off the ground, and how I charted a new course by learning to trust in myself - to put my heart-farts in motion and watch them grow into unexpected opportunities. 
It's all in there, jump on in and let's catch up!
Like what you hear? Join me on Instagram or Facebook so we can connect further, subscribe to my emails, or check out my website at

Wednesday Oct 04, 2023

This topic is not a new one, but one that continues behind many closed doors and is far more common than you think.
In this episode I am joined by Christine Fry, a domestic abuse survivor who now helps other women who have found the courage to leave their abusers, to begin their life again on the other side. Christine speaks to the support victims need after they have left their abusive situation - to paraphrase, the abuse isn't over just because they leave, the hardest work begins when once they're out. 
In this conversation, we discuss what domestic abuse can look like, how insidious it can be, and the feelings of blame, guilt and shame felt by those who have become victims - many not realizing that they are themselves victims of domestic abuse.
Christine Fry, a compassionate Certified Life Coach and founder of Purple Petals Coaching, is dedicated to empowering women who have experienced trauma and domestic violence. Drawing from her own personal journey as a trauma survivor inspired her to earn her Life Coach Certification. Through her Instagram content and the Durable Podcast, she provides a safe space to find inspiration and insights. Currently, she's working on a book, a compilation of quotes and stories aimed at empowering women who have experienced trauma and their children, with the goal of reaching a wider audience and providing strength to those affected by trauma and domestic violence.
To connect with Christine you can find her on Instagram at @purplepetals_coaching or on the website

Wednesday Sep 27, 2023

In this episode I share some of my thoughts around finding moments to celebrate everyday, instead of waiting for the big ones to come around. 
I also mention a really exciting event I've been working on with a few local ladies here in the Waterloo Region, called the BLOOM Event! If you want to check it out you can follow along on Instagram @letsbloomkw or visit the website to learn more!
Thanks for being here! xoxo

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